Corona dental emergency

Corona Dental Emergency

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Oral surgeon in Corona

Corona dental emergency
Corona dental emergency

At Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Queens LLC, we serve patients who are suffering from a Corona dental emergency as quickly as possible. We know that a dental emergency cannot wait, and needs to be treated within hours. Sometimes even as little as an hour is crucial when it comes to teeth that have been knocked out or dislodged from the gums. The tooth may die if it’s out of the mouth for too long. If a tooth has been knocked out, we recommend placing the tooth in milk to help it stay alive until you can make it in to our offices.

Facial trauma is also considered a dental emergency. Patients can come to our offices or call us to see how quickly we can fit you into our schedules and handle your Corona dental emergency. For more information, give us a call or check out our website. Learn about our friendly staff and our dentist, learn more about our procedures, and view our visiting hours and directions. We hope that you’ll like our friendly and inviting offices, and experience the great atmosphere we try to provide patients with when they come in for their dental procedures.

We not only handle patients who are having a Corona dental emergency, we also specialize in services like implants, sinus lifts and replacements such as fixed or removable partial and full dentures. We can also perform apicoectomies, removal of abscesses or cysts and do bone grafting. Our doctor, Dr. Arian Sadeghi, is trained in advanced oral surgery procedures such as orthognathic surgery, corrective and cosmetic jaw surgery and reconstructive surgeries. Facial traumas include facial fractures and lacerations, maxillofacial tumors and surgery for TMJ. Call today to experience the best in emergency and regular dental care with Dr. Sadeghi and his staff.

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