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Traumatic Dental Injuries in Elmhurst

In addition to the already unsettling problems that occur when you suffer an accident or injury of some sort is that you may suffer dental trauma either on its own or in addition to other physical harm. You’ll need expert care to have the best chance of saving your tooth in such cases, so turn to us at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Queens LLC.

Traumatic dental injuries typically mean that the tooth has come loose from its socket or is completely free of your mouth. A loose tooth that is still partially attached is called dislodged, while the one that is knocked completely out is referred to as avulsed. As you might guess, there is a greater chance of successfully rescuing a dislodged tooth, but our Elmhurst emergency dentist will certainly make every effort to restore your avulsed tooth, as well. The chances of doing so will vary depending on several factors, including how quickly you arrive to get treatment. Ideally, you should come here directly. If your dental injury is the only one that you suffered, don’t hesitate. If at all possible, call us in advance, or have someone else do it. That will allow our Elmhurst emergency dentist to be prepared for your arrival, and thereby maximize the chances of a positive outcome. You should only go to a hospital ER or call 911 if you have non-dental injuries that are of an equal or higher priority. Most hospitals lack either the equipment or a staff dentist, so they are unlikely to be able to do anything about your traumatic dental injury.

We urge you to keep our phone number programmed in your phones so it is easily accessible when you need it. Our Elmhurst emergency dentist is ready to work on your traumatic dental injury, so call us immediately.

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